Threshold Seminars


Classes and Workshops for Groups


                                      Outdoor  TAIJI and QIQONG CLASSES 

                                                    Begin in May, 2020

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                                         Threshold Seminars & Workshops

Designed with your group in mind, Threshold Seminars and Workshops are aimed at improving health, energy, relieving stress and helping you create a happier and more productive life. Created and led by experienced teacher and acupuncturist, John Candea, they can be structured for your group's particular needs and may range from one hour to day-long workshops. Below are some possible workshops.

Individual and Private Classes

Private instruction, structured for your specific needs, is also available. Choose Taiji, Qiqong, Yoga or a combination. You can schedule regular classes for one to three people. Call 719-966-8009 to make arrangements.

Free Qiqong Classes at the Buena Vista Public Library, 131 Linderman Ave.

Ongoing classes every Monday 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Each weekly class will include new exercises to increase flexibility and energy, promote mental clarity and improve blood flow. Join us for this fun class!


Water & Air

Movement & Stillness

Movement & Stillness

The two most important and misunderstood elements essential to life. Learn how to use the breath effectively as a healing force in your life. Also learn the importance of water and the many ways to use it to restore and maintain optimum health.

Movement & Stillness

Movement & Stillness

Movement & Stillness

From the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Chi Gong (qiqong) we can discover how to move and be still and how these two polarities can bring balance to our lives.

Sound & Silence

Movement & Stillness

Sound & Silence

Using music, rhythm, voice and simple methods of meditation to harmonize ourselves.

Self Massage

Singing Circle of Healing Songs

Sound & Silence

Stay loose and flexible . Can't afford a personal massage therapist? Learn to "do it yourself".

Purification Breathing Methods

Singing Circle of Healing Songs

Singing Circle of Healing Songs

Learn four basic and simple beginning breathing methods form the the Yogic tradition to purify the subtle nerve channels.

Singing Circle of Healing Songs

Singing Circle of Healing Songs

Singing Circle of Healing Songs

This is an opportunity to be part of an "Instant Choir", singing easy to learn songs that lift the spirit and open the heart. 

Tai Chi and Chi Gung Classes


Standing Meditation

Also known as Zhan Zhuang (pronounced "Jan Jong") it means "standing like a stake", or "standing like a tree". This is a gentle yet profoundly beneficial form of exercise, requiring very little movement. Tap into deep reserves to build stamina, strengthen immunity, relieve chronic illness and promote the natural regeneration of the nervous system. This unique approach combines exertion and relaxation simultaneously.

Swimming Dragon

This exercise is especially good for weight-loss and improving the complexion. Simple and graceful movements keep the spine and joints flexible while increasing metabolism and vitality.

Taiji Exercises

Emphasizing slow movement from the center in a relaxed and integrated way. Based on profound Taoist principles of balance and harmony, Taiji unifies the mind and body, increasing energy and improving health and balance.

I teach a long Yang Style and a short Wu Style Taiji form.

Moving to Center

Joint Opening Exercises, the Macrocosmic Orbit, Taiji exercises, four Purifying Breathing Exercises and an Energy Meditation joining Yin and Yang.

Taiji Shen Gong

A beautiful Chi Gung exercise I learned form Master Li JunFeng. It can be seen on Youtube. This is a day long workshop.